Monday, 20 October 2014

Size matters!!

Another 3 red and teal christmas cards.....part of a set of 6 started here.....using a little 'kit' I made for myself to take to a craft group.
 The first one is quite a small LOTV he's gone on a 4 x 4 card.
 The others are all 6 x 6.....again using the lovely 'Bundled Up' papers.
The problem with them is, of course, UK postage rates......being so layered they will be 'large letters' they may have to be 'hand delivered' cards.....or even posted abroad.....where apparently....size doesn't matter!!

Friday, 17 October 2014

Red and teal

I usually do some stitching at my W.I. craft group....papercrafts take up too much space....or they do for me!! But this week I decided to make some christmas cards.....made myself a little kit to take.....and managed to make 4 while chatting and eating cakes....with another 2 made when I got home.
I used the lovely Carta Bella 'Bundled Up' papers in my favourite christmas and teal......with plain card to match. 
 The rest of my 'kit' consisted of snowflake brads, flowers and Craftwork Cards sentiments.
The images are all from LOTV art pads which I added some teal colouring to.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Christmas continued

On Thursday I posted 3 christmas cards that I'd made using pictures cut from a very cheap set of bought cards......I made 6 cards's the other 3.
The Fancy Pants embellishment pack was great value with over 100 pieces in it....I think I'll be using it on all my christmas cards.
I used an A5 card for the last one.......for a change.....though I think I do prefer the 6 x 6.
And for something completely different.....yesterday I went to the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace with a group of friends.....what a great much I may be back to stitching next week!!

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Starting on Christmas

Last weekend was World Cardmaking Day.....which reminded me that I haven't made many cards this year.....and I haven't made any christmas may seem to you that it's a bit early to think of christmas......and I'd quite agree when it comes to seeing all the christmas stuff in the shops.....but for making cards.....not so early really when you have a lot to make.
Last year I joined in with Sarah's '6 on the 6th' card challenges....and found making 6 cards with limited supplies a really quick and easy way to build up a stash of I'm going with that idea again.
In January I bought a box of christmas cards for 50p....yep-bought cards....and I may even send some of them as they are......but I loved the vintage pictures on them....and thought they'd be perfect for 'altering'.
So here's the first three.
I got out a few supplies from my stash.....Dovecraft's Cozy Christmas papers....DCWV burlap paper....Fancy Pants embellishments.....some ribbon, gems,brads and wooden shapes.
I used some tissue on the first one.....but didn't really like the that then got put away.
And I stuck with using the rest for all the cards.
I really do love those vintage christmas images.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Another birthday

Little S and Little A have their birthdays very close together......we missed Little A's birthday as we were in the Isle of Man.....but S made a lovely collage of photos taken on her while I was on the Bloggers Weekend I used my 'pink kit' to make a page.....borrowing lots of dies from fellow bloggers. 
Little A is in her 'Disney princess' phase so that was definately the theme this year....and the outdoor fun evidences just how unseasonably warm it was in September.
In fact another wonderfully warm day in the south welcomes in October.....though the early morning and evening chill is certainly autumnal.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Scavenger Hunt Roundup

Rinda's annual photo scavenger hunt has come to an's been fun [and challenging] as can find my first 8 captures here......the rest are....
1. a sign welcoming people to your home town.....a poor,blurry photo and actually very difficult to get as they are in places it's impossible to stop and take photos.....the television comment refers to John Logie Baird who transmitted the first ever television signal from his Hastings flat.
Baird apparently visited the Daily Express newspaper to promote his invention. The news editor was terrified and he was quoted by one of his staff as saying: "For God's sake, go down to reception and get rid of a lunatic who's down there. He says he's got a machine for seeing by wireless! Watch him — he may have a razor on him." [from Wikipedia]
3. Birds on a wire....I thought this would be wasn't.....our local birds avoid some lateral thinking....thanks Julie
4. A group of Nymans Gardens being shown round by a guide

6. An urban street Hythe with my friend G
9. A bakery.....just a plain old Greggs
10. A photobomb......I waited to get a photo of OH outside Scotney Castle....and just as I was taking it.....someone walked out!!!
11. A horn.....a giant statue of a 4 horned Isle of Man sheep.....made for this year's TT races
15. A juggler......I wasn't expecting to get this one....who knew that a relative had received christms pud juggling balls last year....think he needs a bit more practise though!!
 16. A sign in a language other than English......a bit of Manx
17. A lamp post......on the seafront at Douglas,Isle of Man
18. A waterfall.....this is not what I really had in mind for a waterfall.....hardly a thing of beauty.....but definately a waterfall of sorts in a river estuary 
19. A public garden.....a lovely public garden in Ramsey....complete with lake
20. A painted bus....not a great photo....the bus suddenly pulled up......I had to grab my camera from my bag.....and the sun made it impossible to see what I was actually taking.
Thanks to Rinda for again organising the hunt.....and for coming up with a great selection of things to capture.....I'm amazed I managed to get them all!!
She has a link up here to see plenty more.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Baby Birthday

Both my granddaughters had birthdays shortly before the Bloggers I made up a 'pink and aqua' kit to take along with the photos [which was augmented with bits from the 'unwanted' stash table].....intending to make a page for each of their fact I ended up making 2 pages for Little S's birthday......because I couldn't resist giving this lovely photo a page to itself.
Little S's mum had set up her own photo shoot to celebrate little S reaching her first birthday....and then turned them into a collage.......I love these cute photos of her.....but I did want to document her actual birthday as well.
Though as is often the case......she spent most of her time playing with the boxes and paper....while her bigger sister played with the actual toys!!!

Friday, 19 September 2014

Scotney Castle

During the summer OH and I had a day out at Scotney Castle....which isn't actually a castle at all....but a stately home built in the 18oos to replace the original castle [which wasn't really a castle either!!]
For the Bloggers weekend I made up some kits for getting a variety of pages made......including making a double spread of this day out.....and was also lucky enough to have access to other bloggers' unwanted stash.
We weren't allowed to take photos indoors......but what was interesting inside was that the Hussey family had done a lot of modernising in the there was a fascinating amalgamation of Victorian and 50s the 50s TV sitting in a Victorian drawing room! 
Scotney Castle has the most wonderful gardens......and being set on a get all sorts of interesting views.
The original castle was actually a fortified house as it was designed with a tower in each corner to defend it......only one tower remains.....and it is possible that only one tower was ever built.

The new house wasn't built because the old one was falling down....but because the family felt it was old fashioned and difficult to maintain....and wanted something more modern.....having built the new house they then purposefully 'ruined' the old one as an attractive 'folly' in the garden!!

The old castle still contains original latrines [emptying into the moat]....unused these days,I would add.....a priest's hidey hole....and great views through the old and blurry windows.
The second LO shows the 'new' house......the old 'castle'....and the ice house.
I'd never seen an ice house before [you learn something new everyday!]......and this was a very effective the winter frozen ice from the moat would be put inside.....and the building was so well insulated that it would stay frozen until the following winter....allowing them to safely keep food cold throughout the year....pretty cool I think!!!
All in all a thoroughly enjoyable and interesting day out.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The perfect weekend- the bloggers crafty retreat

My summer break is over [though it appears our summer weather is not].....and it ended on the perfect note.....meeting up with my bloggy friend Kathy K [how did we forget to take a photo???] for lunch and some craft shopping.......followed by a crafting weekend retreat spent with a lovely group of fellow bloggers.
some who I met on last year's Blogging retreat.....and some familiar only from their blogs
it was such a thrill to meet the lovely Abi for the first time

we all spent our time chat,chat,chatting......laughing lots....eating far too much......completing challenges....scrapping more pages than I've made in months.....making cards......and learning a new mini book technique with Sandie

all in the wonderful surroundings of The Royal Agricultural University......the similarity to Hogwarts was mentioned a few times!
outside and in
Thank you so much ladies for such a lovely weekend.....and for lending me all your equipment....and particularly to Jemma for organising it......can't wait til next year
Photos courtesy of a variety of bloggers....thanks ladies

Thursday, 11 September 2014

A short flight over the sea...

took us to the Isle of Man for a stay with OH's cousin and his wife.......5 busy days of seeing the entire island......and sunshine every day.
the oldest parliament in the world.....I think they do actually meet indoors these days!
Peel Castle on the west coast
 Peel marina.....where we had a delicious pub lunch
a trip on the steam train
 to Port Erin in the south west [where we could see Ireland]
 lunch on the beach
back on the train to Castletown......the original capital of the island
 a trip into Douglas [the capital] on the tram train
 a little bit hairy at times....but passing through stunning scenery
arriving in Douglas bay [where we could see both Wales and England]
 and taking a trike ride round the famous TT road race circuit
and I now understand why this is one of the most dangerous races in the world......bikes racing round a 37 mile road circuit....through tiny villages and round sharp bends and across mountain speeds of up to 190 miles per hour....the fastest riders take 17 minutes to complete a circuit.....there is virtually nowhere that a bike can slide off without hitting a wall,a bank or sliding down a mountain.....and it's almost as dangerous for the spectators!!
 finally a trip to the north [where we could see Scotland]
the northern most point
A perfectly wonderful few days